Our offer comprises heat-resistant pipes, acid-resistant pipes, abrasion-resistant steel plates, heat-resistant steel plates, acid-resistant steel plates, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant bars, acid-resistant bars which are of the highest quality for attractive prices.

The choice of abrasion-resistant steel plates involves consequences for the business activity carried out. The appropriate type of steel plates allows for maximum reduction of the equipment and machine wearing, shortening the downtime and increasing the effectiveness of works performed.

Due to cohesive properties, the best steel plates assure the same operation for the whole period of use. Servicing becomes predictable and the repair plan may be arranged in a rational way. Abrasion-resistant grades characterise with high durability, reliability and resistance to mechanical loads, due to which they may be applied in various machines such as, for example: digger and loader buckets and various areas — starting from forest works through mining industry to ground works and laying down the asphalt.

Universally equipped warehouses make the customers do not need to wait for the ordered products but collect them on the spot. The strength of DAR-POL-STAL company is the servicing realized by professionals with long-term experience.

Due to work of people with band saws, pressing machine, guillotine, milling machine or lathe, the product obtains a precise form and features demanded by the Customer — without logistic and formal complications connected with the possible commissioning of the services to external entities.
Own professional logistic servicing allows assuring reliability of deliveries in the agreed time to the customers.

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