Our offer includes heat-resistant pipes, acid-resistant pipes, abrasion-resistant steel plates, heat-resistant steel plates, acid-resistant steel plates, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant bars, acid-resistant bars which are of the highest quality at attractive prices.

Stainless steel is a joint name for the whole family of quality steel grades resistant to rusting, which characterise with a few times higher resistance to corrosion in comparison to other steel groups. High resistance to corrosion is obtained by adding at least 10.5% of chromium to steel. With such content, a sudden change of electrochemical potential to more positive takes place. As a result, on the steel surface a not visible with a naked eye membrane of oxides preventing from corrosion is formed. Higher chromium content and further alloy components such as nickel and molybdenum increase the subject resistance even more. Another essential feature of stainless steel (apart from high corrosion resistance) is the ability to regeneration of a surface protective membrane in the places of damages, e.g. scratches, bends. Of course there are more features and advantages of stainless steel, however it depends on the group which a given grade belongs to, because of the chemical composition or production process.

Universally equipped warehouses make the customers do not need to wait for the ordered products but collect them on the spot. The strength of DAR-POL-STAL company is the servicing realised by professionals with long-term experience.

Due to work of people with band saws, pressing machine, guillotine, milling machine or lathe, the product obtains a precise form and features demanded by the Customer — without logistic and formal complications connected with the possible commissioning of the services to external entities.
Own professional logistic servicing allows assuring reliability of deliveries in the agreed time to the customers.

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